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All of the awesome things that we have put into our C1-B combo amp is here, but in a smaller, easy to travel with lunch box.

  • Hand Wired
  • Proprietary “Old School” remarkably clean circuit
  • Ho’s Attenuator built into final tone train circuit
  • 35 Watts of punching power
  • 10 ” Eminence speaker, 12″ available
  • Tweed Tolex Both Vinyl and Cloth
  • 12AX7 Power Tube
  • Three way switches for Tone Tubes. Low Gain, Off or High Gain. The tube run separate or in combination, creating tone possibilities. This is a very unique, our very unique, feature allowing you to run essentially 3 types of tube amps.
  • 6V6 Tone Tube on number one switch
  • EL84 Tone Tube on number two switch
  • Tubes easily swapped to 6L6 or EL34
  • Line Out Jack
  • Speaker Out Jack
  • Circuit designed to optimize the tubes complex harmonics.
  • No loss of tone quality at lower volumes, this is really an exceptional attribute.


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