‘Lil Imp Amp

In our pursuit of making truly exceptional small space amps, this one is at the top that heap. Cased in our own baltic birch plywood cabinet, with front accessible speaker mounts and a changeable breathable paper grill cloth. As you can see we put an old TV show picture on the breathable paper, but you can add any image.

Now if that's not enough to make you crazy with desire, it has switchable wattage. It starts as the standard 5 watt,10" hand-wired 6V6 champ style. Now this is great for a practise amp, but as you know, a 5 watt'er turn up to get the tubes busy, is pretty darn loud. Also we use one 12Ax7 and one 6Z4

The Lil Imp Amp, has a switch that allows you to take it down to .75 and 1.5 Watts.. So at .75 watts, you can run the tubes passionately hot, have the great tube breakup that we need, but it's nice and quiet.. House quiet.

Jay and the 'lil imp