This one you can play oh so quietly at home or crank it's 35 watts of power up and be oh so good,  on stage. Now the big thing with this lil amp is that it has our own Ho designed self biasing tube system that allows you to run a 6V6 tube to get a perfect Class A  Fender  Tone or with the flick of a switch the EL84 tube for the shimmering clean sounds of the easily identifiable Vox tone.   

And an additional tube tone feature we've devised is a dark to bright 6 position switch that makes the amp so amazingly versatile. 

C1-A is made for hollow body, acoustic when more clean tone is needed. 
C1-B has more balls, as one of our esteemed and eloquent players pointed out. 

  • Hand Wired
  • Proprietary "Old School" remarkably clean circuit
  • Ho's Attenuator built into final tone train circuit 
  • 35 Watts of punching power
  • 10 " Eminence speaker, 12" available 
  • Tweed Tolex Both Vinyl and Cloth
  • 12AX7 Power Tube
  • Three way switches for Tone Tubes. Low Gain, Off or High Gain. The tube run separate or in combination, creating tone possibilities. This is a very unique, our very unique, feature allowing you to run essentially 3 types of tube amps. 
  • 6V6 Tone Tube on number one switch
  • EL84 Tone Tube on number two switch
  • Tubes easily swapped to 6L6 or EL34
  • Line Out Jack
  • Speaker Out Jack
  • Circuit designed to optimize the tubes complex harmonics.
  • No loss of tone quality at lower volumes, this is really an exceptional attribute.

It's getting out there and around... Some commercials we were in.