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What they're saying about the C1-B

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Marc The Netherlands

Now tonight(passed midnight here),I started really testing/playing and the amp survived perfectly:

Everything works great and,even at 10,there's almost no 50herz buzzing going on(I didn't even use grounded wall-socket)But it really started to happen when I changed 6V6 to the  EL34:

Anything sounds great and inspiring to me.

Goddammit,I know I can't do it,but I wanna keep this amp my secret weapon. This piece of ART writes songs!

Cheers Phil


Ben Vancouver

First I played it at bedroom level, and it was awesome.. but then I played it with my band in the studio and cranked it and I LOVE it.. its got the cranked fender tweed tone nailed... put a bit more gain and you get Montrose first record..Killer price too, killer good.!!

John New York City

Hey I am so impressed with this amp. I got to tell you it is my go to now..It has as clean a tone as any amp I ever played and when I push the tubes, the crunch/ grit is just perfect. As I said I am so impressed. I knew it would be good because I bought a Double Cut  from you and that was excellent. 

Keep up the good work!


Hi Phil...absolutely loving the amp. It's perfect.

C1-B 10" Hand-wired tweed

 We're bringing a new line of amps to your home. Designed to be able to run to the tubes hot, to get that amazing tone, with Mr. Ho's Attenuator built right in, so you don't lose any beautiful tonal  characteristics when your wife yells " TURN IT DOWN"


Here is more on this amp...

Lil Imp Amp - Custom Cabinet Front Speaker Mount,

This is the perfect practice amp. 

Handwired, 6V6 circuit with a switchable wattage, in a very unique, awesomely built here in Vancouver Baltic Birch Plywood cabinet with Phil's most flexible  breathable paper for the grill cloth.


More for you here.. 

H1-A More Power in beautiful package

H1- A Mahogany is built as a piece of furniture to adore your home studio. This beautiful mahogany is lightly finished and has deep rich look. When I first built these boxes I thought, "Hey, it looks like an old TV" and so it was born. The grill cloth is breathable paper, very cool material, that we can print any image on and lets  the tone travel out unchanged. 

More on this coming soon

What's this all about?

I love guitar gear and the lore of that comes with that gear. Guitars, pickups, pedals, amps all of it beckons me and you too, I have come to understand.  I see my client in the mirror each morning. 🙂 We're the same.  We love this stuff that makes music,  but we also like stuff that is uber great and at a great price. 

I think we have some of that right here for you. 

One thing that I started to notice is that my clients we had kinda the same thing going on. Loved playing with friends and small gigs, didn't make our living playing music but it was a big part of who we are and...... our wondering wives were often reported as saying " TURN IT DOWN, IT’S TOO LOUD” or “Do you really  need another guitar, you have ONE already" or " Gosh those amps are ugly and take up too much space”.   

You know what I am talking about.. I've had to sneak some of our guitars to the side door... but I digress.

The other other thing that we talked about a lot is it's a drag humping a big heavy amp up the back stairs of some little bar to play for a bit and then hump it back down when the gig was over. 

So..... what I wanted was a light weight, powerful amp, the circuit was simple and clean, where the tubes can run hot, near the breakup point, and create those beautiful complex harmonics and have a away to control the volume without squashing  the tone. 

And here they are... COOK Amps, built small and portable, with no compromise on the tube's tone. Our own circuits with our proprietary ways of coaxing the best tone out of the amps. All are hand-wired 5 to 55 watts of power with  the very special Mr. Ho's Attenuator.  

I started out selling  Liquid Metal Guitars, expanded into making necks for other builders,  that expanded building bodies and necks more builders. This then morphed into Precision Guitar Kits, selling online to everyone who wanted to put time and effort in and make a great guitar. And that expanded into  Bespoke Guitars, where we have some of the best craftsmen in this guitar world building personalized custom guitars. Your name inlayed in the headstock and the guitar made to your specifications.  I'd sell one guitar to a guy and he'd come back for more, two,  three or more guitars. They loved it, guitars done their way.  

And we've grown nicely over the last 10 years. It's a great business.